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Requested by domox10

A little warning!

I’ve been receiving “continue” requests.
But it has one problem, i can’t find some of continues on Youtube.
So I’ll try to record some continues on my TV. I’m thinking to get a capture card this holiday.
If your request is taking too long, don’t worry, I’m still making it. It will take some time.
Thank you for your patience.


  Anonymous said:
Hello!Make Lars and Alisa continue screen please


  Anonymous said:
I love u for the Jin/Hwoarang poses Thanx! just another pls, does exist the Jin/Hwoarang continue en TTT2???


  Anonymous said:
Can u made Jin/Lars Win poses and continue?


  Anonymous said:
Oh! And the continue screen for Dragunov and Alisa and vice versa? :) Awesome blog btw!

Sure! And Thank you! ( ^▽^)ノ ♥

Requested by chickenstarrynoodlesoup

Requested by steevefox